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3 Big Trends in New Home Construction

The majority of homeowners never actually invest in new custom home. In most cases, people buy and move into homes that have been previously occupied; and while there is a lot that can be done in terms of renovation, every home has inherent limitations and characteristics that have to be lived with. Most homeowners agree that there are certain things about their homes that they would change if they could. It might be that a certain configuration of walls doesn’t make sense. It may be that the living area is far too big, while the kitchen is cramped and small. Sometimes, the logistics and costs of changing such things is just not practical.

That’s probably the single biggest advantage of working with professionals to design and build the home of your dreams. There are no previous designs, flaws or conditions to work with: You get to design every aspect of the home exactly the way you want it. Many people have a certain vision for their home – such as a room they’ve always wanted, or a specific kitchen and living room layout. The ability to have control of the design of a home from the ground up is a very special feeling.

But how have things changed in recent years? How have technology and other trends changed the way people are building homes? To answer that question, let’s take a look at 3 big trends in new home construction.

1. Open spaces

You’re probably well aware that open floor plans have becoming significantly more popular in recent years. Technology, entertainment, and new kitchen layouts have all contributed to the desire for larger, multi-functional spaces that give homes a greater sense of connectedness and openness.

2. Integrated kitchen appliances

One of the reasons why kitchens are far and away the most expensive home renovation is that it’s very challenging to move things around and “re-format” a kitchen once it has been built. A new home gives you the chance to design your kitchen from the ground up,

3. High efficiency

It seems like everybody installing things that make their home more efficient these days – but the process of building a new home allows people to set efficiency goals from the start, and to integrate energy efficiency into the home from the very beginning. This could include high efficiency HVAC systems and insulation, as well as built-in provisions for solar panels and other “green” features.

Start your plans off on the right foot

Building a brand new home might seem like a daunting task, and there are certainly a lot of steps to get through. However, if you get a reputable and impeccable construction company in your corner, things become a whole lot easier. Some people choose to start with an architect who works with them to fine tune their design ideas and render everything into blueprints that a construction company can actually use. This is a good approach – but in many cases, the home building company will be able to work with the homeowner directly to make that dream home a reality.