5 Reasons Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade

Out of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is arguably the most important. It serves a number of functions, and is used multiple times throughout the day. As a result, various aspects of your kitchen may fall into disrepair over time. Even if there are no pressing issues, design concepts and kitchen technologies also constantly evolving, and the

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How to Avoid Regret in Home Remodeling

Home renovations are an investment of your time, energy and of course money. Whether or not you are ultimately satisfied with that investment will depend on a few basic questions. Was the project carefully planned and budgeted? Was your home renovation contractor prompt and professional? Were the final results exactly as you imagined, or perhaps even better? Statistically speaking, homeowners

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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Home Builder

Anyone who’s been through the experience of building a home knows the importance of finding the right builder. It may seem like a confusing task involving so many variables, not to mention huge amounts of cash—but adding a few key questions to your list can make it easier. The more meticulous you are at the beginning, the greater your chances

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