3 Great Ideas for Home Additions

As a homeowner, there are any number of reasons why you might choose to add on to the existing structure of your house. Maybe your family is growing, or you’ve decided to start working from home and need an office. Home additions are also a great way to increase your square footage, rethink your layout, and potentially add value to

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Are You Renovating to Sell?

Renovating a home can be costly and cumbersome. So what’s the point of renovating your home if you’re only planning to move out soon after? Market appeal, of course. In many cases, you can increase the value of your home greatly by making some minor renovations — but even if the value isn’t increased, the home itself might be easier

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What is a House Lift?

While not a common home renovation project, house lifts have gradually become more popular in certain areas of the country. For those who aren’t sure what this is, it’s not another term for “makeover” or “renovation.” A house lift is literally when a house is separated from its foundation and raised on stilts. This can be done as a means

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