3 Hugely Popular Home Additions to Consider

Even if you live in New Jersey, or another state with cold winters, home renovation is never out of season. This is one area that’s constantly on the radar of most homeowners, whether you’re contemplating a large-scale upgrade to the kitchen or bathroom, or thinking about smaller renovations like built in storage or new windows. Some projects have more of

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Should I Trade My Tub for a Shower?

When you think about home renovations, you probably think about what you’d do if money were no object. There are countless magazines and TV shows to serve this purpose, and it’s fun to dream about those big-time renovations that would totally transform your space. But let’s get real. In the real world of home renovations, people are looking for value.

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Is DIY Home Renovation Right for Me?

An afternoon perusing Pinterest is enough to convince even the least experienced person that remodeling their bathroom or converting their attic is a piece of cake. Everything about DIY home renovations online make it look so easy! This isn’t to say that remodeling your home on your own is impossible or shouldn’t be attempted, only that it’s important to know

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